Debt Solutions

Breathe Financial Solutions offer an array of various insolvency solutions. We offer a non-judgemental service and have dealt with most financial situations that individuals and sole traders of companies have encountered.

All of our consultants have a wealth of insolvency expertise and knowledge and will find the correct solution for your particular situation.

Take a look at the various services that Breathe Financial Services can offer you to get you back on the right road to Recovery.

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Stop Worrying About Your Debts and Deal With Them Now!

In the initial consultation you can expect a Breathe Financial consultant to conduct a detailed assessment of your finances, obtaining a full comprehensive look at your financial affairs. This service allows you to have a cold hard look at why you are getting deeper “into debt” and why you will probably never escape this debt “trap” unless you act Now!


With today’s economy the way it is, it is becoming harder to make ends meet and people are using credit cards and pay-day loans to pay some or all of their bills and resorting to selling jewellery and other possessions to get them through the month.  Some may even go as far as taking out longer-term loans or maybe even a second mortgage on their home.

Have you ever asked yourself “I’m in debt and I don’t know what to do? 

If so, “Think Breathe Financial” just know that you are one of a growing number of individuals that is in the same position and also needs Debt Counselling?

*Did you know, in March 2012, total household debt in the UK stood at a whopping £1,518.5bn in today’s prices compared with £1,630.1bn in March 2017, which means that in that five-year period household debt has increased by approximately 7.3%, which compared to wages growth over the same period has only increased by 0.7%, therefore consumers are turning to credit to buy essential items and maintain their lifestyles.  This is not sustainable.

*The – “Britain’s debt timebomb The UK’s debt crisis –in figures” dated 18/9/17

Debt Solutions

Credit Rating Repair

Feel like you are stagnating and can’t obtain credit as easily as you would like? It could be your…

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Debt Management - Self Help - IVA

The Breathe Financial Way is alternative effective Arrangement with your Creditors…

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Bankruptcy Assistance Service

Breathe Financial Services offer a bespoke service, which caters for your individual bankruptcy requirements…

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Annulments from Bankruptcy

Under the Insolvency Act 1986, there are three ways that you are released from bankruptcy…

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Insolvency Litigation Service

If the Official Receiver or your Trustee believes that you have failed to co-operate or are in breach…

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Debt Collection Service

The staff at Breathe Financial Services are highly trained at debt collection and negotiation…

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Contract Work

Breathe Financial Services’ consultants also work on a self-employed freelance basis for Licensed Insolvency Practitioners…

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Seminars and Media

In the initial consultation you can expect a Breathe Financial consultant to conduct a detailed…

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We promise to always act ETHICALLY, with INTEGRITY in all our dealings and to maintain our high standard of customer care.

Thank you, now I know why you named your company Breathe….

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