Credit Rating Repair

Feel like you’re stagnating and can’t obtain credit as easily as you would like?  It could be your credit rating score that needs massive improvement and repairing.  Breathe Financial Solutions have become adept at assisting people to repair their credit rating.

This service is providing either a one-hour seminar which will leave you with all the facts and knowledge that you will need to successfully start rebuilding your credit file or a substantive letter detailing exactly what you need to do to repair your individual credit file.

Credit File awareness is necessary to help you on your financial future. You will be informed and given the tools to check your information and how to make amendments. You will also feel empowered to make financial decisions for the betterment of you and your family.

This service is a crucial one if you have received your automatic discharge from bankruptcy or successfully completed an Individual Voluntary Arrangement. Whatever your circumstance, one of the highly trained Breathe Financial consultants will always try to help you achieve your financial goal, one step at a time, by furnishing you with the necessary knowledge to repair your credit file quickly.

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How can we help you?

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Thank you, now I know why you named your company Breathe….

Kemi Balogun