Bankruptcy Assistance Service


Breathe Financial Solutions offer a bespoke service, which will be catered to your individual bankruptcy requirements.

If you want the full “Hand-Holding Service”, one of the Breathe Financial team will assist you from the beginning to the end of the whole process, regardless of how long it takes.

Stage 1

A Breathe Financial consultant will discuss your individual circumstances to ascertain if Bankruptcy is appropriate for you and if so, then give you the best bankruptcy preparation for what you can expect and explain fully what you can and cannot do legally under the law and discuss any relevant matters affecting you whilst bankrupt.

Stage 2

A member of the team will assist in completing your Statement of Affairs document and accompany you to your local County Court (or to the High Court depending on your locale) to help you file your bankruptcy petition. The Breathe Financial Solutions consultant will also wait with you until you receive your Bankruptcy Order.

Stage 3

If you so require, the Official Receiver may request that you attend an interview under oath and a member of the team will fully prepare you for the interview and accompany you.

Many clients find this part of the insolvency process daunting and the service offered invaluable. Before you say anything to the Official Receiver under interview conditions, Breathe Financial will ensure that you are fully informed of your obligations and duties under insolvency law.

Stage 4

Attending the Trustee’s office is an obligation that not all bankrupts have to endure, but for those that do, think Breathe Financial Solutions. One of the team will attend and give you the confidence to discuss your affairs knowing that you have been provided with the best advice available and fully informed of your rights and obligations to the Trustee in Bankruptcy.

Stage 5

Should you require assistance with any aspect of dealing with your Matrimonial Home, then contact a member of the Breathe Financial Solutions team. If you require assistance with re-mortgage or to fight a Possession and Sale Order from your Trustee in Bankruptcy, get the best advice from an expert consultant at Breathe Financial Solutions.

Contact us – Call on 0208 123 3697 or email on, to discover if we can help you.

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We promise to always act ETHICALLY, with INTEGRITY in all our dealings and to maintain our high standard of customer care.

Thank you, now I know why you named your company Breathe….

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