“Breathe Financial’s aim is to offer each client the best available, up-to-date information which is specific to them.

We promise to always act ETHICALLY, with INTEGRITY in all our dealings and to maintain the highest standard of customer care.

We shall strive to ensure that each client receives a bespoke service, with individual due care and attention.”

Our aim is to make clients feel unique and that their situation matters; the business model is client focused and therefore, clients are held in the up-most importance for the mutual success of our working relationship.  The staff at Breathe Financial Solutions are always professional.  Our aim is to fill the gap in the market for those that traditionally have slipped through the net.

What is it that sets us apart from our competitors? We care about every single client and their particular set of circumstances.

We are well trained and qualified to deal with all UK insolvency matters and specialise in people and personal insolvency.

We aim to please all clients and will always endeavour to fulfil and exceed your expectations in regard to the service you are provided.

We are always clear on what is achievable and open about our reasonable fees on a fixed-fee basis, once a thorough and full assessment of your particular circumstance has been conducted.

You can expect a polite, suitably qualified consultant who will talk you through the process and will be happy to put the same in writing.  This avoids unrealistic expectations and minimises dissatisfaction.

Breathe Financial Solutions take all comments, good and bad about our company very seriously.

We also have a clear policy about complaints and suggest that in the first instance, all complaints are put in writing to your assigned Consultant and then if you are still not satisfied, you are free to direct the matter to our registered office, where it will be seriously dealt with in a professional manner.

BREATHE are NOT your regular Debt Advisory Service providers or Bankruptcy Advisory Service providers.

BREATHE will help you get out of your financial trouble and offer you debt solutions that benefit YOU!

BREATHE Financial will help you find the right Solution, so no false promises, no miracle cures, all your options explained in plain English and only debt solutions which offer “debt forgiveness”  keeping you, the client’s best interests in mind.

How can we help you?

We promise to always act ETHICALLY, with INTEGRITY in all our dealings and to maintain our high standard of customer care.

Thank you, now I know why you named your company Breathe….

Kemi Balogun